Why I Don’t Dig Illmatic, or The Responsibilities of Art

“A masterpiece”. (The New York Times) “The best hip-hop record ever made” (Prefix Mag). Simply “the greatest album of all time” (PopMatters). These are all phrases that have been bestowed upon Nas’ Illmatic, the rapper’s/poet’s/voice of a generation’s debut and probably best album. A benchmark of hip-hop culture, the record features intelligent lyricism, groundbreaking soulful production and an urban aesthetic that paints violent, sorrowful, powerful pictures as vivid as Nas’ actual wordplay. Or so I’ve been told.

And yet, I can’t get into it.

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The Field Goal – April 16th (Full Podcast)

Full podcast of “The Field Goal” from April 16th hosted by Norman Kahler. In this week’s episode, topics that were discussed included the Boise State spring game and other athletic events that occurred over the past week, spring games from around the nation, projecting Mountain West Football for 2014, coaches on the hot seat in the FBS, and preseason top 6 rankings in FBS.

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The Field Goal – April 9th (Full Podcast)

Full podcast of “The Field Goal” from April 9th hosted by Ashley Cox and Norman Kahler. In today’s episode we wrapped up the college basketball season breaking down the men’s and women’s final fours and championship games. We also discussed all the other brackets that were played over the week. We then shifted over to college football discussing the Boise State Day as well as the upcoming spring game. We went over news in both basketball and football and caught up on athletic events going on around campus.

Special guest Charles Abankwa joined us from Temple University to discuss the Owls’ latest news, overview of the basketball season, and preview of the upcoming football season.

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Daylight Change Name to Superheaven

Pennsylvania rockers have changed their name from the super catchy Daylight to Superheaven. Read the statement from the band below:

We’re back home from our recent tour with Bayside, Four Year Strong, and Mixtapes. First, we would like to extend a than you to those bands for making it fun and an overall great experience. Also, thank you to anyone who made it out to a show and supported the tour, and an extra thanks if you bought a record or a t-shirt, or gave us a place to stay along the way.

With that said, we have some important news to share. Some of you may have already figured it out, but we are changing our name. We will no longer be performing or releasing music under the name “Daylight.”

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