Interview with The All-American Rejects

Interview with The All-American Rejects

Story by: Michael Tetro

DGC/Interscope recording artists The All-American Rejects  kicked off 2012 with the release of “Beekeeper’s Daughter” and took their music on tour, tastily calling it the “Shaken off the Rust Tour”. They left the crowd wanting more here in Boise Idaho after their performance January 22nd . Along with their new album, the band is playing smaller venues this time around for a chance to give back to their fans, and preform for them on a more personal level. After finishing last nights performance, it was great to see the guys come back out and talk one on one with their fans, even get personal pictures with them, and sign CDs.

In my interview with guitarist Mike Kennerty, he talks about his life on tour and some helpful pointers if your planning a career in Music Business. Click here to listen to the interview.  As for the new album, it is set to come out March 27th. Below is the track info:

1 Someday’s Gone
2 Beekeeper’s Daughter
3 Fast and Slow
4 Heartbeat slowing Down
5 Walk Over Me
6 Out the Door
7 Kids in the Street
8 Bleed Into Your Mind
9 Gonzo
10 Affection
11 I For You





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