Sybreed – God Is An Automaton – Album Review

Sybreed’s fourth upcoming album, God Is An Automaton, is set to be released October 2, 2012, but I had the pleasure of listening to it beforehand. On first listen I could automatically tell this was going to be another hard-hitting album.

Impression: The first three songs are by far the best of the album. Posthuman Manifesto begins the album with an ambient, sort of misty chasm, sort of sound followed by an extremely brutal riff not unlike something you would find in a Soilwork album. They start the album off strong and keep that energy throughout the album. The next two songs stuck out the most to me. No Wisdom Brings Solace is a well-put-together song, with catchy riffs and an incredible chorus that is hard-pressed not to get stuck in your head. The Line of Least Resistance is by far my favorite song on the album. Returning to their ambient beginning; they introduce and fantastic riff that you can’t help but love. Around 2:50 they introduce their signature vocal effects, giving us the futuristic sound we all love while keeping it heavy with a breakdown riff in the background.  This riff included with yet another catchy chorus resembling the chorus in the song Doomsday Party makes this song gold.

Lyrics:  Lyrically, Benjamin Nominet usually sings about conceptual concepts revolving around social misery, everyday alienation, and the decay of the modern way of life. The chorus of The Line of Least Resistance illustrates this perfectly.

There is no substance into your soul save pretense and disrespect
Obscene exposure
You trick your peers into sympathy using counterfeit emotions.” 

Sound: This record’s best feature has to be the drums. The way an album is recorded and fine-tuned can make or break an album. Sybreed has never disappointed in this area, and this album is no different. The drums of this album were compressed to perfection, and Kevin Choiral does an excellent job as always. If you ever have the chance of listening to this album with subs, you will not be disappointed.

Compared to Sybreed’s last album The Pulse of Awakening, this album is equal if not better. Sybreed is always moving forward, and this album is a prime example. So I highly recommend going out and purchasing this album on October 2nd.  

Impression: You’re sold by the first song, and it keeps your interest until the end.

Lyrics: Well written lyrics discuss conceptual concepts revolving around social misery, everyday alienation, and the decay of the modern way of life.

Sound: Much like their previous album; hard-hitting riffs with memorable choruses.

Rating – [9]


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Sybreed - God Is An Automaton - Album Review, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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