A Wanted Awakening – Catharsis Review

A Wanted Awakening – Catharsis Review

“Here stands the ACCUSED!”

Hey everyone. This week for your Tuesday Review I had the pleasure of reviewing the album Catharsis by A Wanted Awakening.

Impression: On first listen I was skeptical whether I would enjoy this. “Final Ascent: Exile” Starts off the album with accusations of brutality. The first thought that popped into my head, was their lyrical style resembling that of Chelsea Grin. Soon that changed to Attila; this happened many times during this album. Solid head thrashing, jaw breaking riffs keep me at the edge of my seat along with John, and Jason creating melodies and breakdowns that make you just want to punch something. “Misanthrope,” definitely was one of my favorites; setting the mood with acoustic guitar, then proceeding to fade into the electric guitar. The song becomes heavier as it progresses but the clean vocals keep their feet on the ground. “Misanthrope” is a perfect combo of heavy and melodic style metal. Around 3:28 they bring some Latin guitar into the mix, not unlike “Internal Cannon” by ABR, just to mind rape you with an amazing solo.

Lyrics: “I can see now how hopeless this journey must be.” Lyrically, I can see how people complain about the songs lacking depth, but I had a chance to ask John what meaning(s)/message(s) they wished to portray with this album and this is what he had to say.

Q: Could you give me a rundown of the meaning of your lyrics/what message you usually try to portray with your lyrics.

A: We’d be happy to. There isn’t one single message conveyed in our lyrics, because most of the time our lyrics are more of a narrative. We like telling epic stories with our songs, and they’re very rarely about a single ideal or experience.

For instance, “The Massacre To Come” tells the story of an ancient civilization that was devastated during a period of war between two nations, as an example to the aggressor. The souls of the slaughtered rise up in song and drive their killers insane, forcing them to jump from the cliffs to die in the sea.

The Perseus Veil and Pilgrimage are both based on the plots of the Mass Effect games.

We really can gather inspiration from anywhere, which is why writing the lyrics for these songs is so fun, we don’t get boxed in.


While I also was not a fan of their attempt at squealing, I enjoyed their talent for incorporating many different varieties of singing styles into the mix.

Sound: A Wanted Awakening’s sound can be hard to place. With clear influences in Deathcore, melodeath, and Prog, they forge a path combining sounds from bands like Attila, The HAARP Machine, and Periphery; few can tell how far this band will go. Finding their sound is the biggest challenge for bands, and is usually what makes or breaks a band. If they manage to do this, the possibilities for this band will be as endless as their talent.


Impression: Skeptical at first, but on further listening I grew to like it a lot.

Lyrics: Poor Attempt at squealing. Lots of variety in vocal styles.

Sound: Similar to a lot of bands yet unique in their own right. Could be worked on.

Tour: If you are interested, AWA is going on their very first North American Tour! Check the listings and see if they are coming to your town! Dates have been added and the tour will last until December 2nd!

Rating: 7.5/10

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