Parkway Drive– Atlas Review

Parkway Drive– Atlas Review

Parkway Drive
Oct. 26, 2012

To start this off, let me inform you that for reasons that to some seem very silly, I cannot stand the Australian “Metalcore” band, Parkway Drive. I have disliked them for a very long time but by some very strong convincing I have taken the time to listen to their highly anticipated 4th album, Atlas. I have left my feelings out  and simply listened to the music.

First off, “Spark,” the intro song to the album is absolutely wonderful. I am a sucker for instrumental beginnings to any genre of album.  It starts off beautifully with strings and an acoustic guitar and gently slips into Parkway Drive’s signature heaviness. Winston McCall’s Australian accent comes through his unique growl.

“Spark” leads you into the overall brutality that this album brings which is very well highlighted in “Old Ghost/New Regrets.” Plenty of breakdowns to get their crowd going and lyrics as heavy as the song, “Forever fucked, We wage a war of suffering a deceit 100 thousand years of dreaming, drowned in a flood of fear and greed, Precious heritage laid waste before the chainsaws snarling teeth, Bleed the earth, bleed her til her heart no longer beats.”

McCall’s unique heavy metal sound fits perfectly on “Wild Eyes.” “Wild Eyes” has a more classic heavy metal feel to it than any of the other songs on the album. With brutal drums and raging guitars that can inspire a circle pit at a funeral home, this song is sure to be a favorite for any Parkway Drive fan and easily catch the ear of classic metal fans.

The rest of Atlas never lets up, until the middle of the album with “The River.” I was definitely surprised when I heard this song for the first time. A fantastic little breath of fresh air after all of the heaviness before on the album. With some more instrumentals to tie in with “Sparks,” “The River” also features soaring female vocals. This was a nice surprise.

Every song on this album is sure to please original Parkway Drive fans and even make new fans in the process. Even with the sense of maturity that this album possesses, it is stil 100% Parkway Drive.  After putting aside my own personal bias towards this band, I really enjoyed the album. I can see why this Australian band is constantly selling out shows and becoming a household name in the metal scene.

Rating: 7/10

Find Parkway Drive here:

Watch their video for “Dark Days”:


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