Major League//Album Review

Major League//Album Review

Major League
Hard Feelings
Released: Nov. 13


90’s pop punk is back. The New Jersey band, Major League’s debut album, Hard Feelings, is a prime example of this. They are among a slew of bands bringing back this 90’s pop punk style. In a scene that has been breaking barriers and turning heads, it can be difficult for a band to stand out. These five kids have attempted and succeeded.

Hard Feelings starts off fast paced and energetic with the short and sweet title track, “Hard Feelings.” The catchy chords and even catchier lyrics set the whole album off to a great start. The harsh, dramatic end to the song sets the tone for the album and puts the listener on edge waiting for the next song to start.

Following a familiar vibe, the utterly catchy, “Walk Away” deals with a failed relationship that is easily relatable to. With lyrics like “You used to tell me I was yours, and what was yours was mine, this was my fault so I let you go this time,” it’s hard not to fall in love with this album purely because of the fact that they sound like they are reading straight out of the band’s personal diary.

“Nightmares” quickly became one of my favorite tracks off of the album. The perfect guitars and impressive vocals make the difficult subject of being pushed around by someone that has changed easy to swallow. “I never said that I was a nice guy, you only do what you want, and I never said that I was your standby, maybe it’s time to find a new one.” “If i could stand to be around you, I’d scream to let you know, I’d scream to let you know that a nightmare is living in my head, and every night I wake up I’m drowning in my sweat.”

Everything about this album is great. I had it on repeat for a week straight after I received it. They’re a fantastic band that will be making waves in their genre and bringing a swarm of fans to every show they play.


Rating: 8.5/10

Find Major League Here:

Check out an awesome acoustic version of “Walk Away”:


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