Rewind: The College Dropout the 10 yr. Anniversary

Rewind: The College Dropout the 10 yr. Anniversary

On February 10th, 2004, the world was introduced to Kanye West.  On that day he released his debut album and  to many people change the Hip-hop game. Regardless of what he may be now or how people think of him as a person he is gifted and this album is the Kanye I like.

The College Dropout is an amazing piece of work with many figureheads behind it. Backed by Jay- Z and Damon Dash, they created an album that many, including me, still find amazing. One of my favorite songs is called Family Business. The flow of his voice and the beauty of the beat accompanied from the piano create a style that had not been heard in a long time. Listening to this album obviously gives me nostalgia while at the same time makes me realize how ahead Kanye West was. It took him 4 years years to realize the dream of releasing his own album because he was busy helping  Jay-Z with The Blueprint.

One thing about Kanye’s vision for this album and about his style is his use of sampling from older generations before him. He realized he owed so much to them for laying the ground work and as an ode to them he used their music to create his great album. Just like the song Spaceship, he sample a Marin Gaye song. Another thing to note was the people who collaborated with him on his DEBUT album. To have the presence of Common, Mos Def, Twista, Jay-Z, and Taib Kweli. People understood how good he was and was going to be.

I would say after Graduation he started to slip up, but regardless he is still selling albums and selling out shows. I would have to say this is one of my favorite Hip-Hop albums. As a human being I, don’t approve of Kanye West but as an artist I appreciate what he has put out. Go ahead and hip-hip fans hit this album and take yourself on trip down 2004.




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