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tumblr_inline_n4wn7dQLCH1qzxlbnIllinois pop-punk band Real Friends released their first full length album, Maybe This Place is the Same and We’re Just Changing June 23rd. As one of the biggest pop-punk bands around, Kyle Fasel, Dave Knox, Dan Lambton, Brian Blake and Eric Haines all had a plethora of expectations weighing on them up to the release of the album.

Real Friends have consistently been on tour since the release of Put Yourself Back Together in June 2014. In the midst of being on tour with the Vans Warped Tour this summer, Real Friends have been putting out singles all summer, hyping up the new album. Thankfully, the hype was well worth it.

Maybe This Place is the Same and We’re Just Changing is a fantastic full length album for the band. Known for their catchy choruses, lyrics about bony knees and sleepy eyes, and plenty of sing-a-longs Real Friends have matured lyrically and personally on this album. Don’t be mistaken, this album is all about the sing-a-longs and catchy choruses but still has a sense of maturity that all fans should appreciate. Lyrics off the album are still highly relatable to any 16-25 year old and can easily be sung back to Lambton (vocals) and the rest of the band during a sweaty, pop punk show.

Real Friends on Warped Tour in their hometown of Tinley Park.
Real Friends on Warped Tour in their hometown of Tinley Park.

One of their singles, “Sixteen” is a perfect example of the real Real Friends and this new step forward they have taken on the new album. “I’ve called myself young and stupid but lately I feel old and desperate. I find it kind of weird how you find yourself when you have no one. I look for all the right things in all the wrong places.” Real Friends have become so popular because of lyrics like these. Lyrics that every fan can easily relate to. The gang write some of the most honest, heartfelt songs.

“I Don’t Love You Anymore” the single off of the new album is chock full of these brutally honest lyrics that almost make you cringe and make you feel sorry for Lambton. “Now I’m just like the pictures that you take. I’m nothing but something that once was like colors that fade away in the sunlight. They’re nothing special like they used to be.”

The new album will certainly please new and old listeners.

You can stream the entire album on Youtube.

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Watch Real Friends’ new video for their single “I Don’t Love You Anymore:”

Also, check out our last interview with Real Friends when they stopped by Boise!

Tigers Jaw, Charmer

Tigers Jaw
Run For Cover Records
June 3, 2014

The buzz surrounding Tigers Jaw’s new album Charmer has been simply insatiable. With the release of “Hum” and “Cool” off of the album, the band showcased their growth as a band and gave an idea as to how great the new album would sound.

First listen through Charmer and I was hooked. The album is so cohesive and insanely catchy. With lyrics like “you are the leaves at my feet, you are the hum of electric heat” from “Hum” and “if i could frame you it would be the only way to keep you in one place, but I couldn’t blame you for running away” from “Frame You” it’s easy to see why Brianna Collins, Ben Walsh and Adam McIlwee are lyrical idols.

The University Pulse traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah to interview Manchester Orchestra. The band absolutely packed In The Venue with fans just generating energy and excitement. They opened the show up with “Shake It Out”, one of their most high energy and fun songs. As soon as the Georgia rock gods came out on stage, the crowd erupted and didn’t stop until the show was over. MO played a huge variety of their vast collection of songs including music from their new album Copetheir last albums including Like A Virgin Losing a Child, Mean Everything to Nothing and Simple Math. For their encore, Manchester Orchestra brought out Kevin Devine to sing the phenomenal song, “42″ from Devine and Andy Hull’s side project, Bad Books. Overall, the show was fantastic and certainly a sight to see. By putting on shows like this every night, Manchester Orchestra is sure to become the kings of rock music.

While at the show, photographer Devin Ferrell snapped some wonderful photographs of the band. Check out the photo gallery below:

We got the extreme pleasure of interviewing Chris Freeman of Manchester Orchestra during the Salt Lake City stop of their tour. Hours before putting on a simply electric show, Freeman sat down with us to talk about the recording process of their new album, Cope, their independent record label and the possibilities of a rock opera. Manchester Orchestra was joined on their Cope Tour by Balance and Composure and Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band.

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Interview and live footage filmed by Devin Ferrell.



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Pennsylvania rockers have changed their name from the super catchy Daylight to Superheaven. Read the statement from the band below:

We’re back home from our recent tour with Bayside, Four Year Strong, and Mixtapes. First, we would like to extend a than you to those bands for making it fun and an overall great experience. Also, thank you to anyone who made it out to a show and supported the tour, and an extra thanks if you bought a record or a t-shirt, or gave us a place to stay along the way.

With that said, we have some important news to share. Some of you may have already figured it out, but we are changing our name. We will no longer be performing or releasing music under the name “Daylight.”

From Indian Lakes stopped through Boise on April 1st on their first ever headlining tour, the Able Bodies Tour. The five-piece band from California was joined by The American Scene and Naive Thieves. I personally got to see the alternative rockers three times in Boise last year with each show bringing a bigger audience every time. Seeing as this was their first headlining tour, I expected a big crowd to show up at The Crux. I was definitely impressed with the turnout. What I was even more impressed with was the energy from both the band and the fans that filled every crevice of The Crux. While singing my heart out, I would take a second to look around me and see everyone else in the crowd singing along to every word as well. The energy of the room was undeniably emotional and full of love. The moment that sticks with me and will for years to come was when Joey Vannucchi came back out for an encore. As soon as Joey struck those first chords of “Your Son” the room went absolutely quiet as everyone soaked up every word and every note of the beautifully crafted song. 

Check out photos from the show below:

Treefort Music Fest was a glorious weekend for Boise, Idaho. With events happening all over downtown Boise from March 20th through March 23rd, attendees had an almost over-whelming amount of events to choose from. Filled with 300+ bands, Boise turned into a hip, music loving city. The University Pulse had the wonderful opportunity to attend the whole festival. I got the to see some incredible talents from The Joy Formidable, Saintseneca, Perfect Pussy, RJD2, Special Explosion and many many more. Check out photos of all of these bands below and the many local bands that played as well:

Pennsylvania natives Daylight stopped by The Shredder during their tour with Bayside and Four Year Strong. Even though members of the band were dealing with sickness, they still put on a certifiably grungy show, playing only songs off of their extremely successful full-length album, Jar.

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