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Killswitch Engage

Disarm The Descent

Album Review



Sound: The album starts with a solid rhythm that demands your attention. At 0:10, Leach is heard for the first time since his departure in 2002; his loud, slightly generic, vocal tones make me nervous at first, but he delivers a solid verse. Not much farther into the song, Leach unleashes a wave of melodic vocals that ease any doubt I have of the album; it would have been nice to hear a solo, but it did not detract from the song too much.

Next on the album was the song: “Beyond The Flames.” Upon hearing the opening riff I knew I was going to like the song. It is the type of song that puts a smile on your face with the first note, you just know you will like it. Apart from the guitar, Leach sells the song with solid verses and an extremely catchy chorus. “Beyond The Flames” clearly demonstrates the melodic elements and crushing metalcore sounds that we all know and love.

In Due Time” was the first single released by the band for this album. The song starts with a heavy head banging riff that makes you just want to go and punch someone. Leach delivers yet another stellar chorus; it’s catchy, easy to remember and will definitely cause some spontaneous outbursts of singing. For the most part, there is not a single song I hate, the only song I have a remote problem with would be “A Tribute To The Fallen.” I just don’t get the same feeling I do with the others; it is still a good song, just not one I can get into. The tone in which Leach sings does not carry the way the other songs do. The way the chorus is sung just rubs me the wrong way for some reason, and while this could just be me, I think it could have been done better.

Sound Rating: 9

Lyrics: Jesse Leach and Howard Jones have both been known to sing about uplifting topics, such as love and understanding. Upon their release of their self titled album, Jones admitted his writings had taken a darker turn. With Jesse’s return, his lyrics appear to discuss his inner struggle with depression, yet there will always be hope, and that he will overcome whatever is thrown at him. This can be seen in the song “In Due Time.”

“How much more can I give of myself,

as these walls close in on me?

As I slip down into this despair

(into this despair),

There is nothing to attain.”

Leach uses a mixture of dark and light lyrics to convey his message. Dropping into despair, (above) Leach sings about his slow descent.

“All that we suffer through leads to determination.

The trials we all go through gives us the strength to carry on.

Something within us burns, desire feeds the will to live.

A reason to believe I will see redemption.”

But seeing the light, he powers through the darkness with heavy riffs of pure metal and vocals of steel until he breaks through and achieves his redemption.

Lyrical Rating: 9

Overall Impression: Yes it is true, Jesse Leach is not Howard Jones, but they are both incredibly talented. Whether or not one leaves and the other returns, Killswitch Engage will always be a great band deserving praise. As for Jesse, he has grown into a fantastic screamer and an overall excellent vocalist. While it will take some getting used to for some, or may be a bit slow at times for others, I am completely fine with Jesse back on the reins and I believe Killswitch Engage still has many years of greatness. I look forward to the future of this band and encourage you to go out and buy this album.

Overall Rating: 9


“Here stands the ACCUSED!”

Hey everyone. This week for your Tuesday Review I had the pleasure of reviewing the album Catharsis by A Wanted Awakening.

Impression: On first listen I was skeptical whether I would enjoy this. “Final Ascent: Exile” Starts off the album with accusations of brutality. The first thought that popped into my head, was their lyrical style resembling that of Chelsea Grin. Soon that changed to Attila; this happened many times during this album. Solid head thrashing, jaw breaking riffs keep me at the edge of my seat along with John, and Jason creating melodies and breakdowns that make you just want to punch something. “Misanthrope,” definitely was one of my favorites; setting the mood with acoustic guitar, then proceeding to fade into the electric guitar. The song becomes heavier as it progresses but the clean vocals keep their feet on the ground. “Misanthrope” is a perfect combo of heavy and melodic style metal. Around 3:28 they bring some Latin guitar into the mix, not unlike “Internal Cannon” by ABR, just to mind rape you with an amazing solo.

Lyrics: “I can see now how hopeless this journey must be.” Lyrically, I can see how people complain about the songs lacking depth, but I had a chance to ask John what meaning(s)/message(s) they wished to portray with this album and this is what he had to say.

Q: Could you give me a rundown of the meaning of your lyrics/what message you usually try to portray with your lyrics.

A: We’d be happy to. There isn’t one single message conveyed in our lyrics, because most of the time our lyrics are more of a narrative. We like telling epic stories with our songs, and they’re very rarely about a single ideal or experience.

For instance, “The Massacre To Come” tells the story of an ancient civilization that was devastated during a period of war between two nations, as an example to the aggressor. The souls of the slaughtered rise up in song and drive their killers insane, forcing them to jump from the cliffs to die in the sea.

The Perseus Veil and Pilgrimage are both based on the plots of the Mass Effect games.

We really can gather inspiration from anywhere, which is why writing the lyrics for these songs is so fun, we don’t get boxed in.


While I also was not a fan of their attempt at squealing, I enjoyed their talent for incorporating many different varieties of singing styles into the mix.

Sound: A Wanted Awakening’s sound can be hard to place. With clear influences in Deathcore, melodeath, and Prog, they forge a path combining sounds from bands like Attila, The HAARP Machine, and Periphery; few can tell how far this band will go. Finding their sound is the biggest challenge for bands, and is usually what makes or breaks a band. If they manage to do this, the possibilities for this band will be as endless as their talent.


Impression: Skeptical at first, but on further listening I grew to like it a lot.

Lyrics: Poor Attempt at squealing. Lots of variety in vocal styles.

Sound: Similar to a lot of bands yet unique in their own right. Could be worked on.

Tour: If you are interested, AWA is going on their very first North American Tour! Check the listings and see if they are coming to your town! Dates have been added and the tour will last until December 2nd!

Rating: 7.5/10

Find them here:

This week I had the pleasure of reviewing the new Dethklok album, Dethalbum 3. To all you Dethklok fans, I understand your pain waiting for this album. Since the release of Dethalbum 2 in 2009, we have all been eagerly waiting for this epic album to be released. During the TV show “Metalocalypse,” episode “Prankklok,” fans of the death metal super-band feared for the release of Dethalbum 3 when they witnessed Nathan Explosion destroy the last and only copy of said album; but all is not lost. Dethalbum 3 is set to be released October 16th, thus satisfying your craving for a new Dethklok album.

The first track, which was released as a single on September 4th,  “I Ejaculate Fire” starts the album with a bass-less melody recorded with an effect to make it sound as if it was being played on an old record.  It then proceeds to smash your face in with heavy riffs and double bass that gets you worked up from the very beginning. This song is featured on the episode, “Dethhealth.” Lyrically this song keeps Dethklok’s humor while laying the sadistic undertone we have all grown to enjoy with this band.

The next song “Crush the Industry,” was released on full metal Jackie September 14th. It begins with a rhythmic beat by pickles (Gene Hoglan) setting the pace for Toki (Mike Keneally) to introduce a riff heavy that’s not meant to be messed with. Skwisgaar (Brendon Small) joins in with the high-pitched melodies we automatically associate with Dethklok. Lyrically, Brandon outshines most with his lyrical talent in this exquisite song.

Crush the industry
No security
Capital is worthless now
Your life I inside trade


The Lyrics of the song “Crush The Industry” illustrate Brandon Small’s creative talent for writing lyrics. He paints a bloody picture of how money is not only wholly evil, but the people who exploit its power to their maniacal gain should be in all their entirety, eviscerated.

Overall I love this album, Brandon Small is an extremely busy man, and the fact he actually got this out for release, is as impressive as his accomplishments. Dethklok as a whole is heading in the right direction. Introducing rhythms not unlike Djent, illustrated in the song “Starved,” which is featured in the episode “Tributeklok.” I am impressed and quite pleased with the way this album turned out. So set your calendars for October 16th! You do not want to miss this album.

Sybreed’s fourth upcoming album, God Is An Automaton, is set to be released October 2, 2012, but I had the pleasure of listening to it beforehand. On first listen I could automatically tell this was going to be another hard-hitting album.

Impression: The first three songs are by far the best of the album. Posthuman Manifesto begins the album with an ambient, sort of misty chasm, sort of sound followed by an extremely brutal riff not unlike something you would find in a Soilwork album. They start the album off strong and keep that energy throughout the album. The next two songs stuck out the most to me. No Wisdom Brings Solace is a well-put-together song, with catchy riffs and an incredible chorus that is hard-pressed not to get stuck in your head. The Line of Least Resistance is by far my favorite song on the album. Returning to their ambient beginning; they introduce and fantastic riff that you can’t help but love. Around 2:50 they introduce their signature vocal effects, giving us the futuristic sound we all love while keeping it heavy with a breakdown riff in the background.  This riff included with yet another catchy chorus resembling the chorus in the song Doomsday Party makes this song gold.

Lyrics:  Lyrically, Benjamin Nominet usually sings about conceptual concepts revolving around social misery, everyday alienation, and the decay of the modern way of life. The chorus of The Line of Least Resistance illustrates this perfectly.

There is no substance into your soul save pretense and disrespect
Obscene exposure
You trick your peers into sympathy using counterfeit emotions.” 

Sound: This record’s best feature has to be the drums. The way an album is recorded and fine-tuned can make or break an album. Sybreed has never disappointed in this area, and this album is no different. The drums of this album were compressed to perfection, and Kevin Choiral does an excellent job as always. If you ever have the chance of listening to this album with subs, you will not be disappointed.

Compared to Sybreed’s last album The Pulse of Awakening, this album is equal if not better. Sybreed is always moving forward, and this album is a prime example. So I highly recommend going out and purchasing this album on October 2nd.  

Impression: You’re sold by the first song, and it keeps your interest until the end.

Lyrics: Well written lyrics discuss conceptual concepts revolving around social misery, everyday alienation, and the decay of the modern way of life.

Sound: Much like their previous album; hard-hitting riffs with memorable choruses.

Rating – [9]