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The Mixed Bag is a weekly student produced radio show featuring an eclectic mix of rock, folk, punk, reggae, alternative, classical, show tunes, and whatever else my listeners are in the mood to hear. I've also got interviews, commentary, and whatever you want to talk about. Tune in every Friday from 2:00pm to 3:00pm (MST) at

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On December 5th, Boise locals The Blaqks released their first music video from their debut album The Funeral Party (available here)Filmed entirely somewhere beyond the second star to the right (Neverland being where The Blaqks call home) , this video features the mellowest track from The Funeral Party, “Blaqk & Whyte”.

Fox Alive

On Aug.23, University Pulse held a performance by an array of talented local musicians to showcase the local music scene to the Boise State campus. Genres of all sorts were featured, from hip hop to alternative rock. From new students to returning students, all had the chance to experience these artists as a way to wrap up Bronco Welcome and enjoy a free show before the beginning of classes.


On the 30th of April, 2013 Boise band The Blaqks kicked down my door and rocked out in my apartment. Danny Blaqk, Jonny Blaqk, and Derell Blaqk worked out acoustic versions of a couple of their songs mere moments before coming in and talking with me about broken relationships, the local music scene in Boise, and the future…

Danny BlaqkJonny and Derell Blaqk



This past Sunday, 9 December 2012, I had an incredible Skype interview with Halifax, Nova-Scotia based artist Jont. He spoke with me about his early days as a poet and musician, meeting Allen Ginsberg, his career as a Troubador, and his newest album “Hello Halifax”. Unfortunately, due to some technical difficulties, some of the best parts of the interview were cut out, such as his live performance of “Teardrops and Pennies” during the interview, but never fear! There are several ways you can see a similar performance.First, Jont puts on an awesome live concert every week, often inviting guests, on LiveStream called Halifax on Tuesday (H.O.T.-T.V.). For more information and a free copy of Hello Halifax, head over to and click on his face (you’ll get it when you go there) Second, head on over to and become a Torchbearer for his album. A donation of £75.00 will get you a personal 3-song Skype concert, the album Hello Halifax, a second album from his catalogue, and your name in the published Hello Halifax CD booklet. Hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did!


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