We had a chance to interview Phillip Daily with HVZ here on Study Break, about what the game is, and how its played here at Boise State University.

Imagine walking to your first college class armed with a nerf blaster and extra ammo. You scout the campus grounds for signs of the undead when suddenly you’re attacked from behind and now must walk the path of a zombie. Sounds fun right, well if you are part of the Zombie Vs Humans Club here at Boise State University, you might know what I’m talking about. 

Why Libertarian Ideology is Both Malevolent and Wrong

At the BSU Brandt Foundation Lecture on Monday, the 29th of September, I was the first student to ask a question to John Allison, President of the Koch Brothers’ CATO Institue (a Libertarian, free-market think tank). I asked, “So, when corporations, or ‘power lusters,’ like how you label government, replace the role of government through this new concentration of power, how will it be any better than what we have now?” At least now we get to vote with both our dollars and our ballots; the same ballots that are becoming corrupt and worthless only because of free-market ideologies entering our democracy, which is made possible by people taking advantage of the “free-market” ruling of Citizens United (power lusters, like Allison).

People only laughed.

During my time at Mayhem Festival, I stopped by the Truth Truck to see what they were up to. If you don’t know what the Truth Truck is or even what the Truth organization does, here’s a synopsis from their website:

“truth® is the largest national grassroots smoking prevention campaign for youth.

As part of a larger tour, truth will visit more than 50 cities and 25 states this summer and fall. At each stop, the truth zone will feature:

Joseph Lyle has a vision, beautiful and simple: to create and share beautiful music. He recently joined us at The Wormhole Studio in the .dot creatives complex for an interview and live performance. Watch and listen as Joseph talks about creating his forthcoming album A Walk With the Leaves, which is currently being funded via indiegogo. You can support this album by visiting his indiegogo page here.