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Saintseneca Interview- 3/20/14




Zac Little, Maryn Jones and Steve Ciolek from Saintseneca sat down with us before their Treefort Music Festival performances to talk about the making of their new album, Dark Arc, SXSW festival and their new record label, Anti-.

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Lydia Interview, 3/7/14

Leighton Antelman sat down with us at The Crux during Lydia‘s stop on the Illuminate Tour. Leighton talked about life on the road, headlining and the incident the band went through in Portland.

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Seahaven Interview- February 8, 2014

Seahaven stopped in Boise, ID on their tour with Touche Amore, mewithoutYou and Drug Church. We had the privilege of being able to sit down with Kyle and Michael to ask them about their new album, Reverie Lagoon: Music for Escapism Only, bands from high school and their first performance as Seahaven together.

Find Seahaven:



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Polar Bear Club Interview- Nov. 21, 2013

University Pulse had the great opportunity to sit down with Jimmy from Polar Bear Club when they stopped through Boise in November. Jimmy told us about their new album, Death Chorus, life on the road and food on tour. Check it out below!


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Citizen Interview– Nov. 21, 2013

As a long time fan of the emo-revival band, Citizen, I was absolutely ecstatic to get a change to interview the band on their tour with Polar Bear Club. The tour stopped in Boise at The Shredder with Diamond Youth and Sainthood Reps.

I sat down with Nick Hamm and Eric after their set to talk about Run For Cover Records, the recording process for Youth with Will Yip, food on tour and much more. Check it out  below:


Also check out our interview of Real Friends.

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Julianna Barwick brings icy beauty to her music

Through realms of genres, tastes and preferences, varying types of music inspire an array of individuals. There are some artists however that can transcend preference, invoking a positive response in even some of the most musically partisan of people. Julianna Barwick brings an eerie and majestic beauty to her style, seducing the soul with cathedral-esque loops and layers to her songs. She is on her way to Boise.

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Mad Dukez & Fresh Kils Take Over The Shredder Once Again

I originally heard about Mad Dukez and Fresh Kils last year when they opened for Blueprint on his Bend But Don’t Break tour and they blew me away. I had heard about them in passing but seeing their live show made all of the difference. Hip hop through and through, they had no problem getting the crowd moving and hyped and prepared for Blueprint to take stage which is sometimes hard to do for hip hop shows at the Shredder.

The venue usually puts on metal shows, is covered in old metal show flyers, headless mannequins, odd dolls, a half pipe and is located in a back corner of 10th street just far enough from downtown for it to be difficult to find.

When I heard they were coming back this way, I jumped at the chance to talk with them about their new project Gettin Gatsby, heres what they had to say.

Welcome back to Boise guys! The first show was a lot of fun.

Kils- Thanks for having us. We had a total blast here. It was really funny. We pulled up before the sound guy got here and it had this middle of nowhere vibe when we pulled up because its kind of an off street. Were like, this cant be the right place right? And then I was like, its called the Shredder, okay its called the Shredder, thats so Teenage Ninja Turtles but it cant be. Then I come in and theres a fuckin half pipe and shit and I’m like its the Shredder. Its way cool man.


OM- Last year was you guys’ first tour together?

Kils- Not only was it our first tour together it was like our third time together. Period. It was actually the third time we’d hung out, and we had an EP and were on the road with Blueprint.

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Southern Rapper & UGK Affiliate Cory Mo Takes Center Stage

Texas raised, Cory Mo has been one of the souths most prominent hip hop MC for years and after sitting down with Talib Kweli and showing him some of his recent work, Talib suggested for him to put out an album under his label. Which lead to the inevitable release of his latest banging solo album, “Take It Or Leave It.”

Simply HDR

Orora-Thank you for doing the interview. You have done several mix tapes, you have been featured on some albums with Devin the Dude, Z-Ro and of course Bun B and Pimp C. So you have been active for a long time and you are a producer as well. Now that your solo album is out what can people expect from this album?

Cory- Really its more of a real solo album, with me actually rapping on all the songs, its not a compilation. Its more of a full body of work, than the stuff people are used to me doing. So, I would say they can definitely expect some good ol country rap tunes.

Orora- You worked with Pimp C from 99 until he passed. From what I’ve heard and from what I’ve read it seems like you guys were very close. If he was here now what would you want to tell him about you and the new album?

Cory- Sheeit I’d say get your a** on this damn song I’m about to work on. Haha.

Orora- Haha! What is your most memorable moment with him?

Cory-He just didn’t play no games, man. He was always very serious in the studio. He joked around a lot but when it comes down to the studio and mixing and getting beats ready and tracking vocals he was always serious. When it came down to making sure all the songs were lined up the way they were supposed to be, & protools files set where they needed to be. He was definitely a business man. I would say that, whenever it was time to be serious, he definitely knew how to be serious.

Orora-I read that you met Pimp C in 94 because your brother bought his Cadillac. Is that true?

Cory-Oh yeah yeah yeah.

Orora-That’s awesome and that is what started the beginning of your relationship with UGK? What was it like touring with them?

Cory-It was pretty dope. We pretty much went everywhere. The funny part about touring with Pimp was the fact that a lot of guys, of course all of the girls wanted to see Pimp but it was always funny to see some big old 300 pound muscle bound man just turn into a b**tch when they see him. That was always funny. They would just melt. “Oooh Pimp C, ooh I love you man,” and they’re 3-400 pounds and 7 feet tall. That was always funny. It seemed like every city we would go to there was always some crazy Pimp C fan a little over the top.

Orora-Can you tell us a little bit about one of those times when a fan got a little crazy?

Cory- It happened so many times. I can remember one time in Austin. I think we were down there for South by Southwest, and my brother was doing the sound. There was a guy that walked up and wanted to meet Pimp real bad. The security came over and a lot of people ran over because of the way that he walked in. He was so aggressive about meeting Pimp C, so all of the security started to rough him up a little bit and come to find out, he was just a fan. He just happened to be a LARGE fan.

Orora-Haha! Oh no!


Orora-Do you think that you would have taken the same path and your style would be the same if you had never met Bun and Pimp?

Cory-Yeah I would definitely say it would be the same. I grew up on them. I grew up on UGK, Outcast, Three6Mafia, Ice Cube, so my style still sounds similar to all of them in certain ways. I would definitely say that it would still be similar. Its definitely more influenced because of the fact that I worked with them for so many years.

Orora-So whats next for Cory Mo the MC and the producer?

Cory-Right now promoting this album, Take It Or Leave It. That dropped October 22. It features Raheem de Vaughn, Devin the Dude, Bun B, Talib Kweli, I got Maya on there, and Daz Dillanger. Right now I’m getting ready to go on tour with Talib and Macklemore and we are promoting. Trying to make this album pop. Production wise I am back in the lab, producing beats, soliciting beats, getting ready for the next project. Same old grind just a new day and time.

Orora-You have some really great features on this new album, is there anybody that you would like to work with in the future that you haven’t worked with yet?

Cory-Andre 3000. I would definitely love to work with Dre. I kicked it with him a few times. He is actually a friend of mine so I am just patiently waiting. Hopefully we can get in the lab and spit bars at each other, who knows.

Here is Cory Mo’s Brand New video Alot More to Give. You’re welcome!

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