WURPED TURRRR!!! was the battle cry of the hot, hot Saturday the University Pulse team went down south to Salt Lake to attend the one and only nationwide punk rock festival. Thankfully, the heat was tempered with the awesomeness of the bands I saw. See below for more epicness from that sweaty, fun day:

Every Time I Die:

Vocalist Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die

Parkway Drive:

Vocalist Winston McCall of Parkway Drive

The Devil Wears Prada:

Vocalist Mike Hranica of The Devil Wears Prada
Clean Vocalist Jeremy DePoyster of The Devil Wears Prada

Mayday Parade:

Vocalist Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade

Enter Shikari !!!!!

Vocalist Rou Reynolds just died :)
Bassist Chris Batten playing the bass INSIDE OF A MOSH PIT during “The Paddington Frisk”.

It was Chris’ birthday!!! And he got a special birthday “balloon” on his microphone ;)
Ah dang, I can’t believe Warped Tour’s over!

The band dominates!
Drummer Alex Lopez
Lead Guitarist Mark Heylmun and Rhythm Guitarist Chris Garza
Guitarist Mark Heylmun looking epic
Rhythm Guitarist Chris Garza
Playing the geetar
You can’t stop vocalist Eddie Hermida!!!

Here’s an interview conducted with vocalist Eddie Hermida. He talked about taking the reins from recently deceased vocalist Mitch Lucker, the band’s new album and what the band’s future could look like.

The mega-cool drum kit before the band takes the stage.


Rhythm Guitarist Diego Verduzco and Lead Guitarist Ahrue Luster


Percussionist Oscar Santiago


The band!


Vocalist Cristian Machado being HxC m/


Percussionist Oscar Santiago bangin’ da bongos
Vocalist Cristian Machado in crooning mode. Awwww
Drummer Dave Chavarri
The band, again!

Joseph Lyle has a vision, beautiful and simple: to create and share beautiful music. He recently joined us at The Wormhole Studio in the .dot creatives complex for an interview and live performance. Watch and listen as Joseph talks about creating his forthcoming album A Walk With the Leaves, which is currently being funded via indiegogo. You can support this album by visiting his indiegogo page here.



Vocalist/Bassist Ryan Neff of Miss May I
Bassist Ryan Neff and Rhythm Guitarist B.J. Stead doing backup vocals.
The band rocking out
More of the band rocking out
Rhythm Guitarist/Backup Vocalist B.J. Stead
Lead Guitarist Justin Aufdemkampe and Rhythm Guitarist B.J. Stead
Drummer Jerod Boyd behind the kit
Guitarist Justin Aufdemkampe doin’ his thing
Vocalist Levi Benton being a badass
Mr. Levi Benton and his epic hair, everybody

Mushroomhead and their stage setup
Harsh vocalist/rapper J-Mann of Mushroomhead
Guitarist Church of Mushroomhead
Keyboardist/turntablist ST1TCH of Mushroomhead
Jeffrey Nothing of Mushroomhead
Drummer Skinny of Mushroomhead
Guest vocalist Jackie Laponza of Unsaid Fate performing “We Are the Truth” with Mushroomhead
Roberto Diablo and ST1TCH of Mushroomhead on water drums


Your Resident Pulse Music Director here!

Wednesday, July 9 ,2014. The day I attended my first Mayhem Festival.

I had already been familiar with the Idaho Center in Nampa as an outdoor venue, when I came out to Warped Tour 2011 in mid-August of that year. Specifically, I remembered how hot and sunburned I became at the end of that day, and how the skin on the back of my neck was peeling off for weeks after the festival (what could be more metal than that?). Vowing not to repeat the past, I brought a small bottle of sunscreen just for this new occasion and applied it sporadically throughout the day. No peeling this time, thank goodness!