The mega-cool drum kit before the band takes the stage.
Rhythm Guitarist Diego Verduzco and Lead Guitarist Ahrue Luster
Percussionist Oscar Santiago
The band!
Vocalist Cristian Machado being HxC m/
Percussionist Oscar Santiago bangin’ da bongos
Vocalist Cristian Machado in crooning mode. Awwww
Drummer Dave Chavarri
The band, again!

Joseph Lyle has a vision, beautiful and simple: to create and share beautiful music. He recently joined us at The Wormhole Studio in the .dot creatives complex for an interview and live performance. Watch and listen as Joseph talks about creating his forthcoming album A Walk With the Leaves, which is currently being funded via indiegogo. You can support this album by visiting his indiegogo page here.

Vocalist/Bassist Ryan Neff of Miss May I
Bassist Ryan Neff and Rhythm Guitarist B.J. Stead doing backup vocals.
The band rocking out
More of the band rocking out
Rhythm Guitarist/Backup Vocalist B.J. Stead
Lead Guitarist Justin Aufdemkampe and Rhythm Guitarist B.J. Stead
Drummer Jerod Boyd behind the kit
Guitarist Justin Aufdemkampe doin’ his thing
Vocalist Levi Benton being a badass
Mr. Levi Benton and his epic hair, everybody

Mushroomhead and their stage setup
Harsh vocalist/rapper J-Mann of Mushroomhead
Guitarist Church of Mushroomhead
Keyboardist/turntablist ST1TCH of Mushroomhead
Jeffrey Nothing of Mushroomhead
Drummer Skinny of Mushroomhead
Guest vocalist Jackie Laponza of Unsaid Fate performing “We Are the Truth” with Mushroomhead
Roberto Diablo and ST1TCH of Mushroomhead on water drums


Your Resident Pulse Music Director here!

Wednesday, July 9 ,2014. The day I attended my first Mayhem Festival.

I had already been familiar with the Idaho Center in Nampa as an outdoor venue, when I came out to Warped Tour 2011 in mid-August of that year. Specifically, I remembered how hot and sunburned I became at the end of that day, and how the skin on the back of my neck was peeling off for weeks after the festival (what could be more metal than that?). Vowing not to repeat the past, I brought a small bottle of sunscreen just for this new occasion and applied it sporadically throughout the day. No peeling this time, thank goodness!

I originally heard about Mad Dukez and Fresh Kils last year when they opened for Blueprint on his Bend But Don’t Break tour and they blew me away. I had heard about them in passing but seeing their live show made all of the difference. Hip hop through and through, they had no problem getting the crowd moving and hyped and prepared for Blueprint to take stage which is sometimes hard to do for hip hop shows at the Shredder.

The venue usually puts on metal shows, is covered in old metal show flyers, headless mannequins, odd dolls, a half pipe and is located in a back corner of 10th street just far enough from downtown for it to be difficult to find.

When I heard they were coming back this way, I jumped at the chance to talk with them about their new project Gettin Gatsby, heres what they had to say.

Welcome back to Boise guys! The first show was a lot of fun.

Kils- Thanks for having us. We had a total blast here. It was really funny. We pulled up before the sound guy got here and it had this middle of nowhere vibe when we pulled up because its kind of an off street. Were like, this cant be the right place right? And then I was like, its called the Shredder, okay its called the Shredder, thats so Teenage Ninja Turtles but it cant be. Then I come in and theres a fuckin half pipe and shit and I’m like its the Shredder. Its way cool man.


OM- Last year was you guys’ first tour together?

Kils- Not only was it our first tour together it was like our third time together. Period. It was actually the third time we’d hung out, and we had an EP and were on the road with Blueprint.

Zeds Dead’s Altered States Tour is going to be here in Boise this Sunday at the Knitting Factory with Green Lantern and Branchez. Their live show for this tour is going to be completely out of this world. With 3D lighting, it is said to give the illusion of infinite depth and the most advanced speakers on the market now.

Zeds Dead consists of Dylan Mamid, or DC, and Zach Rapp-Rovan, or Hooks. The name, Zeds Dead, comes from a scene in a classic Quentin Tarantino movie, Pulp Fiction & is a funky mix of their initials. Their sound and energy is without a doubt hip hop influenced which gives this dubstep duo a wide range of sound. You can also hear the progression of  electro-house, glitch and Drum and Bass in their always transforming dynamics.

Zeds Dead’s Latest  EP Hot Sauce  is nothing like you have ever heard from them before and I could not be happier about it. The link for the stream and purchase is here. 

Get your tickets now before they sell out!

FABIENNE: “Who’s motorcycle is this?”
BUTCH: “Its a chopper, baby.”
FABIENNE: “Who’s chopper is this?”
BUTCH: “Zed’s.”
FABIENNE: “Who’s Zed?”
BUTCH: “Zed’s dead, baby, Zed’s dead.”


The Chicago duo Houses will be at the Neurolux this Thursday, October 3rd to grace us with their beautifully dreamy electro-pop. Dexter Tortoriello triumphed over personal road blocks like drug addiction and the like before he started working at a local Apple store in Chicago where he met Megan Messina. The two started seeing one another and what we now know as Houses was eventually created.  Their album Winter (A Return to Spring) is full of smooth, slow swaying instrumentals, coupled with heavy reverberated vocals that completely pull you into the foggy world that is HOUSE.  With each smooth melancholy release this group excels in creating their own place in the music world.

Houses is currently on tour promoting their latest album A Quiet Darkness. This album was inspired by the California’s Highway 10 and the abandoned houses and desert along the way. Samples for the album were taken from Desert Center, California and other ghost towns around that area and closer to Arizona. In an interview with Huffington post, Tortoriello explains the process,”We finished the record at Sonic Ranch studios, which is a beautifully isolated studio on a pecan farm in El Paso, Texas, and then afterwards moved to L.A. The album from start to finish travelled quite a bit and saw many different incarnations in each location, each of which brought the songs into new directions.”

Reaching for something cinematic, taking you with them through their journey in the desert. This is not an album you should not soon forget or a concert that you should miss.

Come to the Neurolux this Thursday. The show starts at 7pm, being opened by Amp Live and Lamont Kohner. Ten dollars at the door, eight dollars in advance at the record exchange.


On the 30th of April, 2013 Boise band The Blaqks kicked down my door and rocked out in my apartment. Danny Blaqk, Jonny Blaqk, and Derell Blaqk worked out acoustic versions of a couple of their songs mere moments before coming in and talking with me about broken relationships, the local music scene in Boise, and the future…

Danny BlaqkJonny and Derell Blaqk



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