The power of rhetoric is a force that inflicts all of us, whether it is subliminal or not, intentional or not. With that, there is something to be said about calling a person “homeless.” To think, someone really exists without a home? I am a firm believer in the idea that home is where the heart is. Considering the fact that many people living without houses have bigger hearts than the rest of humanity, I submit that they are definitely not homeless. Instead, I deploy the word “houseless.” As far as I am concerned, someone is only ‘home’-less to us if we do not treat them as though they are home. One of the reasons we all universally treasure Boise so much is due to the fact that it becomes Home to so many seeking a community-oriented, safe, and beautiful place to settle. All of that being said, Boise’s newly introduced initiatives to subtly strip the basic rights of the houseless population in the area are no longer going to go unnoticed. This new onslaught of attacks on the houseless is antithetical to Boise’s very own aura, its prized personality, its most attractive elemental facets, its most basic, boiled-down, appreciated characteristics. It is in this piece that I aim to explore the issue in a much different way than any politician, organization, and/or researcher has done thus far. Hopefully this nuanced and unique approach is able to offer some new clarity on the issue we face as a city in ostracizing certain human beings based on where they sleep at night.

For all those who are comic book geeks this article is directed towards you. The CW’s Arrow and The Flash are doing the ultimate crossover two-part episode Tuesday, Dec. 2nd and Wednesday, Dec. 3rd.

The Flash is a new series that came to television this fall, it is a spin-off from The CW show Arrow. Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) gets electrocuted by a lightning bolt and gives him super speed. Barry Allen was first seen on the show Arrow as a forensic scientist that came to Starling City to help with a “case” and in search for the vigilante.

The Bronco Beat is a monthly article that will focus on Boise State Athletics

It has been another month let’s see what the Bronco Beat has for us in store this month.

Men’s basketball- The Broncos tipped off their season just a few weeks ago and are off to good start. The Broncos are 3-0 and have been led by senior forward Anthony Drmic.  Drmic has been averaging 20.6 points a game and is coming off a season high 29 points against Montana. Boise State will face their toughest test of the season when they go on the road to face third ranked Wisconsin. This is only the third time in school history that the Broncos have faced a top three program.

Women’s basketball- The Boise State women’s basketball team also opened up there season. The Broncos are off to a hot start with a 3-0 record and have been led by senior guard Deanna Weaver who is averaging 15.6 points a game.  Boise State will now head on the road to first face Southern Utah and then off to the Great Alaska Shootout.

Women’s volleyball- The Broncos just defeated San Diego State in four sets 27-25, 21-25, 25-22, 25-22 to win their fifth game in a row. What made the game extra special was that it was on senior night as the Broncos sent seniors Alyssa Gammel, Brittany Reardon, and Taylor Murphy out on a high note. Boise State just has two more games left in the season. The Broncos could finish 3rd in the conference if they win out and that would be the highest finish the Broncos have had in years.

Wrestling- The Broncos opened their season at home last week with a tri-dual meet against Utah Valley and Iowa State. Boise State defeated Utah Valley in a nail biter 19-18 but then fell to Iowa State 36-8. This will be an interesting season for the Broncos as they have 11 freshman on the team and no returning NCAA tournament participants for the first in years. The Broncos will be back at home when they face Oregon State on Dec. 13.

Cross Country- The men’s and women’s cross county teams are gearing up for the NCAA National Cross Country Championships. For the men the Broncos will be represented by freshman Andrew Rafla. The women’s team which is ranked 11th in the nation will be represented by senior Emma Bates, senior Marisa Howard, freshman Emma Hyyppa, senior Tessa Murray, freshman Sarah Hastings, sophomore Anna Holdiman, freshman Gracie Tostenson, and freshman Anne Brinegar.  Bates will be the person to keep an eye for as she is coming off a runner up finish from a year ago.

Football- The Boise State Broncos just keep finding ways to win as was evident in their come from behind victory over San Diego State a week ago on The Blue. The Bronco just have two more games left on the season with a road game against Wyoming and the home finale against Utah State. If the Broncos are able to win out they would go to the Mountain West Championship game which would be right here on The Blue. A win there could give the Broncos an opportunity to play in their third BCS Bowl game.

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We live in a post-modernist world filled with post-modernist films, few of which are worth the two plus hours required to watch. We are tormented with plots that are beaten half dead throughout the last half century and on top of this lack of originality, everything that hits the big screen is bogged down with overabundant CGI. Film makers continue to sacrifice adequate writing and acting for brighter and louder special effects because that sells. With this tyranny seeming to have ruined film for the next few decades and hope seeming to be lost a glimmer of hope has been found. Snowpiercer.

Do you watch anime? Have you ever wanted to start? JP here with Castles in the Sky, and I’ve got just the thing for you today. I’m going to be bringing you a list of some of my highest recommended anime series for anyone wanting to begin their animation journey, so stick around after the break for five amazing shows.

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It’s hard to believe we’re in our second season of the show.  First of all, BJ and I would very much like to say thank you for listening.  Without you, we wouldn’t have a show!  Secondly I’d like to take a minute to tell you a little bit about how His & Hers came to be.

Hey there Pulse listeners and visitors! It’s your Resident Pulse Music Director. :)

Since there are so many great singles being released around this time of year, whether they be promoting artists’ upcoming albums or just an exclusive track recorded on a whim, I thought I’d do something a little different and offer up 10 singles currently spinning on our station:

1. Julian Casablancas and The Voidz – “Where No Eagles Fly” (side project of The Strokes’ frontman)

2. Aphex Twin – “minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix]” (Richard D. James makes his return to the electronic world)

3. Prong – “Remove, Separate Self” (old-school thrash with a modern edge, 7″ single features weird ambient mix of same song by Matt Heafy of Trivium!)

4. Run the Jewels – “Blockbuster Night, Part 1″ (record drops in October, most anticipated hip-hop record of the year)

5. Mastodon featuring Gibby Haynes of Butthole Surfers – “Atlanta” (epic metal collab, part of Adult Swim’s Summer 2014 Singles Program, free download on website)

6. Philip Selway – “It Will End in Tears” (Radiohead drummer releases second solo album in three weeks)

7. Obituary – “Visions in My Head” (premier death metal band teases upcoming October record, October decidedly great month for music)

8. Flying Lotus featuring Kendrick Lamar – “Never Catch Me” (one of the most anticipated electronic releases this year, this track is the reason why, and Kendrick kills it like always)

9. In This Moment – “Sick Like Me” (after the disappointing Blood, ITM dials up the heavy with this new hard-rockin’ tune)

10. Slipknot – “The Negative One” (after an extended hiatus, classic nu-metallers return with a sound just as heavy as you’d expect)

Check back next week for more great tunes! :)