The Oscars are this Sunday, and before the awards are given out, here are my Oscar predictions on who will and who should walk away with the gold.

Best Supporting Actor

Who will win: JK Simmons for “Whiplash” – Simmons is a lock for this award and rightly so; he gives the best performance of his career in a mesmerizing role.

Who should win: JK Simmons. Adding to what I have already he said, he has won every single award up to this point and there is no reason he won’t add the Oscar to his collection of hardware.

Dark Horse: Edward Norton for “Birdman”. While I don’t think anyone else has any shot at all, Norton like always delivers a great performance worthy of recognition.

Best Supporting Actress

Who will win: Patricia Arquette for “Boyhood.” Once again, The Academy is enamored with “Boyhood” and that includes Arquette’s performance as a mom trying to raise her two children. To top it all off, she has won numerous awards for her performance that includes the Golden Globe.

Who should win: Keira Knightley for “ The Imitation Game.” Knightley was brilliant in her performance opposite Benedict Cumberbatch. She provided a great counter to his performance and their chemistry was tremendous.

Dark horse to win: Emma Stone for “Birdman.” Emma Stone gives a surprising and fantastic performance and is able to stand out among a plethora of great actors that includes Keaton, Norton, and Watts.

Best Director

Who will win: Richard Linklater for “Boyhood.” Given the fact that the movie was filmed over 12 years and turned out to be pretty good, plus the fact that “Boyhood” is the Oscar darling of this season, he should be walking away with the gold.

Who should win: Linklater. This was a gigantic risk for Linklater, but he took it and it paid off. He deserves to be recognized for this historic achievement to cinema.

Dark Horse to win: Alejandro G. Inarritu for “Birdman.”  He was responsible for bringing the most original movie of the year, both in story and in which it was filmed. It’s incredible one-shot technique made the movie stand out among all the others of 2014.

Best Actress

Who will win: Julianne Moore for “Still Alice”. She is basically a shoe in at this point and has been sweeping up all the awards prior to the Oscars. She gives such a powerful performance of a woman struggling with early set Alzheimer’s that will stay with you long after.

Who should win: Rosamund Pike for “Gone Girl”. She gave the best performance of her career and in my opinion the year. She really showed a lot of range in her portrayal of a wife that will do whatever it takes to get what she wants.

Dark Horse to win: Felicity Jones – She could be the Oscar darling as everyone is buzzing for her performance as Stephen Hawking’s wife. The fact that she is able to hold her own against Redmayne’s incredible performance speaks volume to her performance.

Best Actor

Who will win: Eddie Redmayne for “The Theory of Everything”- His performance as Stephen Hawking has garnered critical praise and has already won numerous awards including the Golden Globe. Despite spending most of the movie not being able to talk, he still is able to illustrate the incredible life of Hawking.

Who should win: Michael Keaton for “Birdman” – Talk about a career-defining role. Keaton makes his comeback to the big screen and gives the best performance of the year where he isn’t afraid to take shots at himself.

Dark horse to win: Benedict Cumberbatch for “Imitation Game”- His portrayal of Alan Turing was spectacular and brought great emotional depth to the unsung hero of WWII.

Best Picture

Who will win: “Boyhood”. The Academy is clearly in love with this movie and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. It has been cleaning up all the other awards and should be considered the favorite to walk away with the Oscar gold.

Who should win: “Birdman”- The most original movie of the year is just absolutely fantastic and should be recognized for its achievement to cinema.

Dark horse to win: “Imitation Game”- An emotional roller coaster ride and a great look at Alan Turing, the man that was instrumental in helping the Allies win WWII.

Great Excitement has come to flood our senses.  In January Lego announced several new sets coming to brick builder’s hands.  As for myself one set caught my eye.  That’s right folks! Lego announced a collectors edition of Slave-1.  Now some of you may be a tad confused right now.  You make think “what the heck is Slave 1?”.  Slave-1 comes from the Star Wars realm.  It is the Firespray model ship that Bobba FetLego Slave onet pilots.  I am mega stoked for this set it boasts 1996 pieces.  That is going to be enormous.  Lego even gave us the dimensions which are 7” (20cm) high, 17” (45cm) long and 14” (37cm) wide in landing mode according to their website.  I rest my case.  One cool thing that I noticed is that his collectors set also comes with figurines (as have many recent sets).  One drawback I saw was that the set has stickers.  Lame! My expectations over all is that this set will be killer.  I, no doubt, will add this to my collection.  The Lego Slave-1 set is retailing for $199.99  Go to it, enjoy it, cherish it, buy it, build it, love it

Alphabetically, that is. Fellow natives swell with pride! Because as far as I know it’s just about the highest ranking we’ve earned in something not necessarily negative. But truly Idaho isn’t really that bad. I sometimes have mixed feelings about it being included in my origin tale, but gee just look at those mountains and lakes! Sometimes I feel like Zarathustra walking that small strip of beach where towering mountains meet emerald lakes.

As an Idahoan I once went to San Diego California and was forced to endure thirty-six occasions of the following joke; “Idaho?…. No U da HOE…HAHA!” I consider this time as one of great personal triumph. These trials and tribulations are what have made me into the man I am today. Therein I found my abusive childhood, mental hospital, my ascension from poverty, my object of sublimation. Without which I’m not certain I could have become the ambitious yet mediocre person I am today.

Idaho is a place where freedom to own firearms reigns most supreme. The denizens of Idaho love fire arms so much that they could not help draw its borders in a way that makes it resemble a pistol, pointed menacingly at Canada.

One of my favorite pastimes has become conducting Freudian-esque psychoanalytic investigations on my fellow Idahoans, where sexual attraction to firearms replaces the outdated phallo-centric interpretations of my predecessors. This obsession is all-pervasive. So much so that I have invested in an up-and-coming business venture that will utilize a newly developed kind of cosmetic surgery which will enable our customers to modify their genitalia into shape of their favorite assault rifle.

Self-actualization awaits, the galactic siren sounds!




The power of rhetoric is a force that inflicts all of us, whether it is subliminal or not, intentional or not. With that, there is something to be said about calling a person “homeless.” To think, someone really exists without a home? I am a firm believer in the idea that home is where the heart is. Considering the fact that many people living without houses have bigger hearts than the rest of humanity, I submit that they are definitely not homeless. Instead, I deploy the word “houseless.” As far as I am concerned, someone is only ‘home’-less to us if we do not treat them as though they are home. One of the reasons we all universally treasure Boise so much is due to the fact that it becomes Home to so many seeking a community-oriented, safe, and beautiful place to settle. All of that being said, Boise’s newly introduced initiatives to subtly strip the basic rights of the houseless population in the area are no longer going to go unnoticed. This new onslaught of attacks on the houseless is antithetical to Boise’s very own aura, its prized personality, its most attractive elemental facets, its most basic, boiled-down, appreciated characteristics. It is in this piece that I aim to explore the issue in a much different way than any politician, organization, and/or researcher has done thus far. Hopefully this nuanced and unique approach is able to offer some new clarity on the issue we face as a city in ostracizing certain human beings based on where they sleep at night.

For all those who are comic book geeks this article is directed towards you. The CW’s Arrow and The Flash are doing the ultimate crossover two-part episode Tuesday, Dec. 2nd and Wednesday, Dec. 3rd.

The Flash is a new series that came to television this fall, it is a spin-off from The CW show Arrow. Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) gets electrocuted by a lightning bolt and gives him super speed. Barry Allen was first seen on the show Arrow as a forensic scientist that came to Starling City to help with a “case” and in search for the vigilante.