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The Field Goal – April 9th (Full Podcast)

Full podcast of “The Field Goal” from April 9th hosted by Ashley Cox and Norman Kahler. In today’s episode we wrapped up the college basketball season breaking down the men’s and women’s final fours and championship games. We also discussed all the other brackets that were played over the week. We then shifted over to college football discussing the Boise State Day as well as the upcoming spring game. We went over news in both basketball and football and caught up on athletic events going on around campus.

Special guest Charles Abankwa joined us from Temple University to discuss the Owls’ latest news, overview of the basketball season, and preview of the upcoming football season.

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The Field Goal – April 2nd (Full Podcast)

Full podcast of “The Field Goal” from April 2nd hosted by Ashley Cox and Norman Kahler. In today’s show we discussed the NCAA tournament and broke all the teams in the Final Four and made predictions for them. We also broke down the other brackets including the women’s tournaments too. We discussed other news in college basketball and the latest at Northwestern University. To close the show we discussed Boise State athletics including Sand Volleyball, a new sport here at the university.

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The Field Goal – March 26th (Podcast)

Full podcast of “The Field Goal” hosted by Norman Kahler and guest Mike Richards. In today’s show we discussed the NCAA Bracket including predictions for the sweet 16 and elite 8. We also discussed other tournaments including the NIT, CBI, WBI, and the Women’s NCAA Bracket. We dove into college football including BSU’s football schedule and the latest going on at Northwestern University. We ended the show discussing the upcoming NFL draft and who teams with early picks should draft.

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The Field Goal – March 19th (Podcast)

Full podcast of the “Field Goal” hosted by Ashley Cox and Norman Kahler. In this show we discussed BSU’s pro day and upcoming spring football games as well as notable week one games in August. We discussed a few of the conference tournaments over the past week including Ashley’s trip to Las Vegas to cover the Mountain West tournament. We then discussed several tournament brackets including the NCAA in both men’s and women’s and also the NIT, CBI, and the WBI where the BSU’s women’s basketball team will be playing in. Guest Brandon Walton stopped by to give advice and break down the NCAA bracket.

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The Field Goal – March 12th 2014 (Podcast)

Podcast of the second hour of The Field Goal hosted by Ashley Cox and Norman Kahler from Wednesday March 12th. In this second hour we discussed major conference awards given out, coaches treatment towards their players, new rules/changes in college football, and NCAA Lawsuits. We also discussed the Mountain West awards and upcoming conference tournament including Boise State basketball and where their postseason lies ahead.

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The Field Goal – March 5th 2014 (Podcast)

Full podcast of The Field Goal hosted by Ashley Cox and Norman Kahler discussing the latest in college sports. In this show, we discussed the latest games in college basketball in both men’s and women’s including the Mountain West Conference. We also discussed the latest news in college football including the Idaho Vandals 2014 football schedule, Coach Chris Peterson, and Everett Golson’s return to Notre Dame. We closed the show discussing both of Boise State’s basketball teams including games played and their upcoming schedule.

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Sideline Sportscast Podcast

This was the pilot episode of The Sideline Sportscast with Brandon Walton and Ashley Cox.

In the episode we covered:

1. Olympics-Recap

2. NFL-Seahawks, Ray Rice, new Penalty for racial slurs, and Jim Harbaugh almost traded to the Browns

3. MLB- The Legacy of Derek Jeter

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Interview with Danko Jones – 031913

Danko Jones rolled into Boise, Idaho opening up for Volbeat at the Revolution Concert House on March 19th, 2013 pumped full of angst and rock n’ roll. They are currently supporting their 2012 release Rock N’ Roll is Black and Blue. Danko Jones was prepared to pump up the crowd and give it their all. From start to finish Danko rocked the Revolution by playing crowd favorites like; First Date, Full of Regret, and Just a Beautiful Day. The Canadian Trio that consists of Danko Jones – Vocals/Guitar, John Calabrese – Bass,  and Atom Willard – Drums paid respect to those rock n’ roll/metalheads like Randy Rhoads, Dimebag Darrell, Bon Scott, and Ronnie James Dio just to name a few, that have past away over the years that put the crowd in an uproar. The band was as tight as ever stopping to intro songs that might be a little too much for a child who just happened to be in the audience. With their high energy Danko is not one to be missed when they come rolling into your town.

Denny Spinks of All Things Metal spoke with Danko about the tour, the music, and the differences between Europe and North America. You can check out the interview here. You can also check out photos from the show here.

164614_4821355820833_173773009_n 522025_4821337540376_1409924445_n 541765_4821353420773_1205396082_n

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Interview with Johannes Eckerström from Avatar – 030813

Swedish band Avatar was in Boise, Idaho on March 8th, 2013 at the Knitting Factory. I had the opportunity to talk to vocalist Johannes Eckerström about the album Black Waltz, Touring, Fans, The Side Show aspect, and more. You can listen to the full interview here and check out photos from the show here.

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Interview with Robb Rivera of Nonpoint – 020113

Nonpoint was in Boise, Idaho on February 1st, 2013 headlining the Knitting Factory with Candlelight Red opening. I sat down and talked to drummer Robb Rivera about the new album, new label, working with Johnny K (Sevendust, Staind, 3 Doors Down), and touring. You can listen to the full interview here.

You can also check out pictures from the show here.

558074_4445791191952_1721175241_n Robb Rivera

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