Mushroomhead and their stage setup
Harsh vocalist/rapper J-Mann of Mushroomhead
Guitarist Church of Mushroomhead
Keyboardist/turntablist ST1TCH of Mushroomhead
Jeffrey Nothing of Mushroomhead
Drummer Skinny of Mushroomhead
Guest vocalist Jackie Laponza of Unsaid Fate performing “We Are the Truth” with Mushroomhead
Roberto Diablo and ST1TCH of Mushroomhead on water drums


I got the chance to interview vocalist Brandon Butler and guitarist Marc Okubo of Veil of Maya during Mayhem Fest. We talked about their roles in the band, songwriting inspirations and the band’s next album coming this fall. You can check out the video below:

(Note: I realize the video and audio are not of the greatest quality, and at one point, it is very hard to hear Marc over the din of other people in the room. I did my best with the camera I had. Most of the interview is clear and salvageable, however.)

Your Resident Pulse Music Director here!

Wednesday, July 9 ,2014. The day I attended my first Mayhem Festival.

I had already been familiar with the Idaho Center in Nampa as an outdoor venue, when I came out to Warped Tour 2011 in mid-August of that year. Specifically, I remembered how hot and sunburned I became at the end of that day, and how the skin on the back of my neck was peeling off for weeks after the festival (what could be more metal than that?). Vowing not to repeat the past, I brought a small bottle of sunscreen just for this new occasion and applied it sporadically throughout the day. No peeling this time, thank goodness!

Julianna Barwick performed at The Crux on November 19th. Watching Barwick was definitely an experience like no other. The entire crowd at the quaint coffee shop was absolutely silent during the entire set. With soaring vocals that make you feel like you are standing on the top of a glacier, ready to conquer the world, Barwick was able to silence downtown Boise. The entire performance was entrancing and almost hypnotic.

Barwick just released Nepenthe, August 20, 2013 and recently got off a huge tour with Sigur Ros.











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We all have an inner geek, I think its safe to say. There comes a day when we all come together to celebrate that nerd in all of us. So I suited up, bought my tickets, tallied up my arms, and headed out to the party. The 50th anniversary of the honored British sci-fi show Doctor Who is here.

I originally heard about Mad Dukez and Fresh Kils last year when they opened for Blueprint on his Bend But Don’t Break tour and they blew me away. I had heard about them in passing but seeing their live show made all of the difference. Hip hop through and through, they had no problem getting the crowd moving and hyped and prepared for Blueprint to take stage which is sometimes hard to do for hip hop shows at the Shredder.

The venue usually puts on metal shows, is covered in old metal show flyers, headless mannequins, odd dolls, a half pipe and is located in a back corner of 10th street just far enough from downtown for it to be difficult to find.

When I heard they were coming back this way, I jumped at the chance to talk with them about their new project Gettin Gatsby, heres what they had to say.

Welcome back to Boise guys! The first show was a lot of fun.

Kils- Thanks for having us. We had a total blast here. It was really funny. We pulled up before the sound guy got here and it had this middle of nowhere vibe when we pulled up because its kind of an off street. Were like, this cant be the right place right? And then I was like, its called the Shredder, okay its called the Shredder, thats so Teenage Ninja Turtles but it cant be. Then I come in and theres a fuckin half pipe and shit and I’m like its the Shredder. Its way cool man.


OM- Last year was you guys’ first tour together?

Kils- Not only was it our first tour together it was like our third time together. Period. It was actually the third time we’d hung out, and we had an EP and were on the road with Blueprint.

by Keely Mills and Ryan Hoffman

On Oct. 25, the empty Lookout Room was transformed into a Halloween extravaganza. Streamers in black and purple fell from the ceiling, signs of warning, beware, and danger displayed on the walls, pumpkins scattered everywhere, and a table full of spooky treats. All of that topped off with mini vampires, princesses, super heroes, and animals came together to create a night of entertainment for the young and old.

This Friday Jay Tablet and Kytami will be at the Ice Bouquet on their Smoken Strings Tour. I am fully aware that the Ice Bouquet has been through multiple changes and because of this the venue isn’t a local favorite but I implore you all to take a chance on this show and the venue. Regardless of your preference, the music will be great.

jay tablet

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