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Bon jour all my friends from across the campus, city, state, and world it is absolutely fantastic to be writing to all of y’all again this semester. With my humble greeting out of the way, I am beyond stoked to inform y’all that is finally time for “Tooth and Bristle: A Reading Series”  to start back up. If any of you friends are unfamiliar with Tooth and Bristle it is a writing series put on by Boise State’s own MFA program that highlights the writing that they are doing and give everyone a very FREE chance to check out the work our university is producing.

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Welcome back to Pulse Check! Every two weeks, we give you the lowdown on some of our favorite upcoming events in the Boise music scene and beyond. This time around, we’re bringing you upcoming shows from Tomten, Saintseneca, and an art exhibit titled Hyperdontia. Enjoy your Pulse Check, and be sure to check out Turning Politricks every Sunday from 3 – 5pm. For more info on the shows we’ve announced here, have a gander at their Facebook event pages.

Tomten with Tisper & Hex Girl

Opening Reception – Visual Arts Collective – Hyperdontia

Slow Magic with Kodak To Graph and DaktyL

Saintseneca with Busman’s Holiday and Lost Ones


During my time at Mayhem Festival, I stopped by the Truth Truck to see what they were up to. If you don’t know what the Truth Truck is or even what the Truth organization does, here’s a synopsis from their website:

“truth® is the largest national grassroots smoking prevention campaign for youth.

As part of a larger tour, truth will visit more than 50 cities and 25 states this summer and fall. At each stop, the truth zone will feature: