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Your Resident Pulse Music Director back again!

Without further ado, here’s the top albums of this week:

1. Basement Jaxx – Junto

The electronic/house superstars return, after their score for the film Attack the Block in 2011. Featuring a whole host of collaborators ranging from UK divas to a children’s chorus and string players, Junto promises to be a wild ride.

2. Ty Segall – Manipulator

As the promotional sticker declares, “THE SEGALL HAS LANDED”. The cult musician/producer returns with another great indie/garage rock/punk/no-genre-but-Segall record that’s sure to please his fanbase and maybe win over some new converts as well.

3. Souls of Mischief – There Is Only Now

Featuring one member of A Tribe Called Quest, and including guest spots from the likes of Busta Rhymes and Snoop Dogg, There Is Only Now establishes its hip-hop pedigree right from the get go.

4. God Help the Girl (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

While the film, written and directed by Stuart Murdoch of Belle & Sebastian and based on the band’s musical project of the same name, doesn’t hit theaters until September 5, the soundtrack should tide over fans of the band and indie pop nicely.

5. Kimbra – The Golden Echo

The art-pop songstress goes experimental, with help from producer/mixer Rich Costey (Jenny Lewis’ The Voyager, Mew’s No More Stories…). In the process, Kimbra creates one of the best pop albums of the year. No joke.

Your resident Pulse Music Director here!

I had previously been posting this feature on the Pulse Facebook page, but thought that it would be beneficial to move it to the website homepage, because

1. We, of course, want to attract more eyes to the website, and

2. With those additional eyes in place, we can expose listeners to new and upcoming music in a more convenient fashion.

With all that said and done, here are this week’s albums:

1. The Gaslight Anthem – Get Hurt


A change in direction for the band, recorded with producer Mike Crossey (The 1975′s The 1975, The View’s Cheeky for a Reason) and with music inspired by Pearl Jam’s No Code. 

2. House of Whales – House of Whales


Alternative hip-hop/rock band hailing from Chicago. Witty wordplay and meaningful lyrics abound over jam band-esque guitars and drums. A lot less profanity than your average hip-hop album, too.

3. The Quitters – Contributing to Erosion


Classic punk rock sound with pop and post-hardcore influences, great songwriting chops and a bit of an alternative metal edge. “Hipster” is destined to become your new favorite singalong song.

4. El May – The Other Person is You

El May

Smartly executed, colorful Aussie indie pop with great production by mix engineer Dave Schiffman (Haim, We Are Scientists, Biffy Clyro). Also, dat album cover.

5. Opeth – Pale Communion

Pale Communion

The prog/death metal legends return, with a heavy emphasis on the prog and continuing where 2012′s Heritage left off. High-quality, dynamic production from mix engineer Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree. It’s an Opeth record, what do you expect? ;)

Check back next week for more great music!

WURPED TURRRR!!! was the battle cry of the hot, hot Saturday the University Pulse team went down south to Salt Lake to attend the one and only nationwide punk rock festival. Thankfully, the heat was tempered with the awesomeness of the bands I saw. See below for more epicness from that sweaty, fun day:

Every Time I Die:

Vocalist Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die

Parkway Drive:

Vocalist Winston McCall of Parkway Drive

The Devil Wears Prada:

Vocalist Mike Hranica of The Devil Wears Prada
Clean Vocalist Jeremy DePoyster of The Devil Wears Prada

Mayday Parade:

Vocalist Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade

Enter Shikari !!!!!

Vocalist Rou Reynolds just died :)
Bassist Chris Batten playing the bass INSIDE OF A MOSH PIT during “The Paddington Frisk”.

It was Chris’ birthday!!! And he got a special birthday “balloon” on his microphone ;)
Ah dang, I can’t believe Warped Tour’s over!

07Flash back 7 years ago- I was merely 14 years old, flipping through Alt Press magazines admiring photographs from that summer’s Vans Warped Tour, simply wishing I could be there. My dream since I was 14 was to follow my favorite bands and to photograph them, especially during Warped Tour.

This summer, it actually happened. The University Pulse team got the fantastic opportunity to photograph and attend this summer’s Vans Warped Tour in Salt Lake City, Utah. The one day festival was sunny, extremely hot, dusty and a ton of fun (as usual).

The University Pulse team got to see an array of bands, including Real Friends, Mayday Parade, The Story So Far, The Devil Wears Prada, Bad Rabbits, Every Time I Die and more.

Check out the photo gallery of my favorite photographs from the day below. To view even more photos, check out my Flickr page.

The band dominates!
Drummer Alex Lopez
Lead Guitarist Mark Heylmun and Rhythm Guitarist Chris Garza
Guitarist Mark Heylmun looking epic
Rhythm Guitarist Chris Garza
Playing the geetar
You can’t stop vocalist Eddie Hermida!!!

Here’s an interview conducted with vocalist Eddie Hermida. He talked about taking the reins from recently deceased vocalist Mitch Lucker, the band’s new album and what the band’s future could look like.

The mega-cool drum kit before the band takes the stage.


Rhythm Guitarist Diego Verduzco and Lead Guitarist Ahrue Luster


Percussionist Oscar Santiago


The band!


Vocalist Cristian Machado being HxC m/


Percussionist Oscar Santiago bangin’ da bongos
Vocalist Cristian Machado in crooning mode. Awwww
Drummer Dave Chavarri
The band, again!

rfc108The finest group to come out of the United Kingdom, Basement, have reunited after a two year hiatus to release Further Sky. After revealing the end of their two year break with a tour announcement and a simple “Hi” posted on their Twitter back in January, Basement have been hush-hush about recording anything all year. Surprising fans everywhere, they finally released “Summer’s Colour” in June of this year.