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The Bronco Beat is a monthly article that will focus on Boise State Athletics

Another month of Bronco sports is in the book so without any further ado here is an update on how are Boise State athletic teams are doing.

The Boise State football team has gone 3-1 over their last four games and seem to be back on track after a 28-14 loss to the Air Force Academy. The Broncos have been led by the self-proclaim “J Train” junior running back Jay Ajayi. Ajayi has ran for 867 yards with 10 touchdowns on the season and has been the focal point of the offense this season.

Continuing the monthly series of artists on the rise, we shift our attention to a band from Woodland Hills, CA who you can expect to be playing worldwide soon enough. These guys are going to be climbing the charts with their debut album Language & Perspective.  I present to you guys the featured artist for the month of October: Bad Suns. 

It’s the first episode of the show!! Well, not really, but it is the first episode that we recorded. At long last, Stefan makes good on his threats to post the recordings of the show. Join us as we talk about a bunch of garbage like Colton’s love of Clive Barker, Stefan’s Sims 3 characters, and Gabe’s method acting. Also, there are crazy audio issues in this first one. (We fixed it by week 2)

Tennis came to town and boy, they killed it. Every issue that I had with their newest album fell away as they performed tracks, both young and old, without any backing vocals or excess processing. The songs felt clearer and really showcase not only the group’s talent, but also their creative philosophies.

Also at the show were Boise locals Transistor Send and touring group Pure Bathing Culture, who were both excellent.



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Most everyone loves music.  Music is everywhere, from the sacred ceremonies of indigenous tribes all over the world to Coca Cola commercials to the notifications on your phone.  Needless to say, music is a very powerful force on the human psyche and has been fundamentally intertwined with the human experience for thousands upon thousands of years.

So this month, I would like to pull together some of my favorite musical moments from television shows.  This may sound strange, but I guarantee that some (if not most) of your favorite television (and movie) moments have been enhanced by a killer soundtrack (whether you were consciously aware of it or not).  So here we go.  4 of my favorite musically-enhanced moments from regular old TV shows (in no particular order):

Everyone has a handful of albums that will stick with them for the majority of their lives. Those select albums that changed what style of music they listened to, influenced some kind of change in their life or is simply their favorite album.

The list below comprises my list of albums that changed my life in some kind of way-my 5 most influential albums: