This past year K-Pop fans were delighted to experience the solo career debuts of many high profile artists, including Taemi (SHINee), CL (2NE1), and even Jonghyun (SHINee). Now, three months into the new year, another artist joins the ranks of solo artist before her, as Amber of f(x) became the first of her group to make her solo debut with the release of her new album Beautiful.

Hello Boise State! This is the tenth edition of the Pulse Check, where dreams come true and news comes to you—most of the time. Check out some information about Treefort, a free bicycle maintenance workshop, and our radio show spotlight of the week. Comment and let us know what bands you are most excited for, or maybe RSVP to the bicycle workshop, whatever you think will excite some conversation. Until next time, enjoy your life and spread the L-O-V-E.

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On the Sideline Sportscast we discuss everything in the world of sports. If its happening then we are talking about. We have a great group of guys that know sports through and through. The Sideline Sportscast features Brandon Walton, John Armstrong, Rylan Kobre, and Chad Helgeson. Please make sure you join us every Monday and Friday from 11 am to 1pm. On this particular episode we do our regular segments “Would You Rather” and “Around the Sidelines.” We also discuss the craziness that is NFL free agency.  The Sideline Sportscast so close to the field we might as well just be in the game.

Hello everyone, the Dr. Professor is back with some more prescriptions and assignments.This past month the biggest mixtape to drop was Drake’s surprise If You’re Reading This Your Too Late but since I could not find a legitimate mixtape site for ya’ll to download it at so I had to go to plan B. So the mixtape I am prescribing is that trippy stuff. The perfect accompaniment to the not prescribed by me, lean. WIth a unique flow and delivery and the usual drugs, sex and rockstar life well documented in the lyrics if you needed some new music to keep it trippy mane then you need to cop yourself a download of Juicy J’ s new mixtape  Blue Dream and Lean 2 here.

The top three songs from this mixtape in my humble Dr. Professor opinion are:

1. Anybody (prod. Sonny Digital)

2. Already (prod. Mike Will Made It)

3. Throw Dem Racks (prod. Jahlil Beats)

Next, on to a mixtape your  momma should have played for you as a baby to ensure you were fully prepared for the world. That is 50 Cent and G-Unit’s 50 Cent is the Future. With popular 2000s bounce beats with plenty of string and bounce beat this was just a peack of what was to come in 50 Cent’s future. Thought a true master of the mixtape game 50 Cent proves why G-Unit was a force to be reckoned with. Here is the link and here are the top three tracks of this mixtape:

1. Call Me

2.  Tony Yayo Explosion

3. A Lil Bit of Everything U.T.P.



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And why more games should use it!

“Are video games a form of art?” This is a question that has never failed to stir up debate down and throughout the ages (okay, maybe the last 20 years or so). A quick Google search will reveal some markedly divided opinions on this topic, and while I won’t get into a philosophical breakdown on the nature and definition of art here, I will post a great video on the topic to get your gears turning, and artistic juices flowing…


Double C Sports Podcast 4: 3-10-15


Chad Helgeson and Clint Leech give you their energetic takes on the hottest topics in American Major Sports. In this episode the guys roundtable pending NFL Free Agency, The Seattle Mariners outlook for the 2015 season, and more!

For podcasts of all the shows go to to stream every Double C Sports episode.




I am super excited to say that the Featured Artist for the month of March is none other than Brent Walsh. The lead singer for the progressive indie alt band, I the Mighty, has recently released his debut solo album 7 and let me just say that this album is hands down one of my favorites. I have listened to it so many times and just cannot get enough of it.

Let me first start off by saying that discovering Brent Walsh was one of the best music discoveries that happened to me in the past couple of years. His voice is one of the most captivating singing voices I’ve heard in a long time. Brent has the ability to transition from his rough and regal sound to high notes that would blow your mind. Each song on his album just proves how strong and powerful his vocal dynamics are. It is so easy to be lost within his songs and his intoxicating voice. What you hear on this album is exactly what you’ll hear live.

Walsh’s album 7 has such an amazing flow from song to song. The album is perfect in showing of Brent’s musicality. His song “Typical Blues Song” is definitely not typical. The blues song not only shows off Brent’s amazing guitar skills, but also captures you. It’s one of those songs that makes you close your eyes and really listen to the music.

My favorite song on his album is hands down “Default World” and I am not lying when I say that I have to listen to it at least twice a day. The song is just that good. It’s perfect in getting my feet tapping and my day going. The song’s chorus is just one of those chorus where you just want to sing at the top of you lungs. The fast strumming of the guitar sets this pace that gets you going and wishing that the song could play on forever. Which is exactly what I wished he had done when I saw him play it live at The Crux, where he absolutely killed it.

Make sure to check Brent Walsh out and purchase his debut album !

You can follow everything happening with Brent Walsh here :


The University Pulse has teamed up with Adam Wright Media. Adam Wright is a local musician, photographer and videographer. He has started the In The Valley Sessions which highlights local and touring bands with a special acoustic performance set in miscellaneous Boise locations.

This session features the talented Kevin Devine. He took time from his busy tour schedule with Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band, DADS and Field Mouse to perform “Now: Navigate!” and “Private First Class” in front of the Linen Building in downtown Boise.


The annual Treefort Music Fest will be taking over downtown Boise, March 25-29th. The University Pulse has attended the festival each year and we all get more and more excited about it every year!

Counting down to the festival, we will be posting different events you should be aware of during the crazy, hectic and joyful week of Treefort.

Here is Part I of the list of bands/artists you should run (or quickly walk) through the streets to find: