Mushroomhead and their stage setup
Harsh vocalist/rapper J-Mann of Mushroomhead
Guitarist Church of Mushroomhead
Keyboardist/turntablist ST1TCH of Mushroomhead
Jeffrey Nothing of Mushroomhead
Drummer Skinny of Mushroomhead
Guest vocalist Jackie Laponza of Unsaid Fate performing “We Are the Truth” with Mushroomhead
Roberto Diablo and ST1TCH of Mushroomhead on water drums


I got the chance to interview vocalist Brandon Butler and guitarist Marc Okubo of Veil of Maya during Mayhem Fest. We talked about their roles in the band, songwriting inspirations and the band’s next album coming this fall. You can check out the video below:

(Note: I realize the video and audio are not of the greatest quality, and at one point, it is very hard to hear Marc over the din of other people in the room. I did my best with the camera I had. Most of the interview is clear and salvageable, however.)

Your Resident Pulse Music Director here!

Wednesday, July 9 ,2014. The day I attended my first Mayhem Festival.

I had already been familiar with the Idaho Center in Nampa as an outdoor venue, when I came out to Warped Tour 2011 in mid-August of that year. Specifically, I remembered how hot and sunburned I became at the end of that day, and how the skin on the back of my neck was peeling off for weeks after the festival (what could be more metal than that?). Vowing not to repeat the past, I brought a small bottle of sunscreen just for this new occasion and applied it sporadically throughout the day. No peeling this time, thank goodness!

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“Everything is bigger in Texas!” So lies the ethos of one Danny Leal, vocalist for underground metal band Upon a Burning Body, along with his fellow band members. I sat down to have a chat over the phone with Danny from his home in San Antonio to talk about the band’s upcoming third record, vocal enunciation, genre limitations, illegal downloading and genuinely tearing up in the studio. :’)

Q: How is recording for the band’s third full-length going?

A: It’s good! We’ve pretty much got all of the songs ready to go, and we’re making the final mixes of the album.

Q: Oh, so the recording is done and the mixing is underway?

A: Yeah, the actual recording part is already done, so we’re stoked.

Q: Have you guys thought of a title for the record yet?

One of my most anticipated albums of the summer gets released today. The album whispers by Passenger has had great reviews already since it was released a week earlier in the UK. Passenger has had a rapid rise to fame and it has NOT been on the back of one hit song. 

Tigers Jaw, Charmer

Tigers Jaw
Run For Cover Records
June 3, 2014

The buzz surrounding Tigers Jaw’s new album Charmer has been simply insatiable. With the release of “Hum” and “Cool” off of the album, the band showcased their growth as a band and gave an idea as to how great the new album would sound.

First listen through Charmer and I was hooked. The album is so cohesive and insanely catchy. With lyrics like “you are the leaves at my feet, you are the hum of electric heat” from “Hum” and “if i could frame you it would be the only way to keep you in one place, but I couldn’t blame you for running away” from “Frame You” it’s easy to see why Brianna Collins, Ben Walsh and Adam McIlwee are lyrical idols.

The University Pulse traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah to interview Manchester Orchestra. The band absolutely packed In The Venue with fans just generating energy and excitement. They opened the show up with “Shake It Out”, one of their most high energy and fun songs. As soon as the Georgia rock gods came out on stage, the crowd erupted and didn’t stop until the show was over. MO played a huge variety of their vast collection of songs including music from their new album Copetheir last albums including Like A Virgin Losing a Child, Mean Everything to Nothing and Simple Math. For their encore, Manchester Orchestra brought out Kevin Devine to sing the phenomenal song, “42″ from Devine and Andy Hull’s side project, Bad Books. Overall, the show was fantastic and certainly a sight to see. By putting on shows like this every night, Manchester Orchestra is sure to become the kings of rock music.

While at the show, photographer Devin Ferrell snapped some wonderful photographs of the band. Check out the photo gallery below:

We got the extreme pleasure of interviewing Chris Freeman of Manchester Orchestra during the Salt Lake City stop of their tour. Hours before putting on a simply electric show, Freeman sat down with us to talk about the recording process of their new album, Cope, their independent record label and the possibilities of a rock opera. Manchester Orchestra was joined on their Cope Tour by Balance and Composure and Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band.

Find Manchester Orchestra:


Interview and live footage filmed by Devin Ferrell.



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