As the General Manager of the University Pulse, I have encountered a plethora of incredible albums, disappointing albums, just alright albums and albums that have changed my perspective on life; all just this year.

Below is a list of my top albums of 2014. These albums all own a special piece of my heart. Each one has touched me in a different way this year. These are all in no particular order:

St. Louis, Missouri band, Foxing put on one hell of a show at the Shredder on November 20th. The band stopped through Boise for the first time and played with Gates. Foxing is usually regarded as one of the best and exciting live bands around right now. Their energy spills off of the stage and fills every crevice of any venue they perform at.

Adam Wright of Adam Wright Media shot some photos from the electric night. Check them out below:

Also, check out our interview with the band from the night before!


On Monday, Dec, 2nd, 2014, Mike and I interviewed, Jason Murray, and Nate Haderlie, director of PRSSA at Boise State. We talked about what it takes to join, opportunities for students, and upcoming events.

The Boise State chapter is completely student run. They form relationships with real professionals of their craft. Students can enroll in Communication 113 or 313 to earn credits while they are a member of this organization. All majors are encouraged to join as it builds experience you can use in any field and forms relationships which is important in the career world.

The students even provide their work for other clubs on campus and in the community. PRSSA has attended the national conference every year since 2009 which is in Washington D.C. The organization holds several events throughout the year and works with well known public relations firms and non-profit organizations. Listen to the interview to find out more about this great opportunity for students.



The power of rhetoric is a force that inflicts all of us, whether it is subliminal or not, intentional or not. With that, there is something to be said about calling a person “homeless.” To think, someone really exists without a home? I am a firm believer in the idea that home is where the heart is. Considering the fact that many people living without houses have bigger hearts than the rest of humanity, I submit that they are definitely not homeless. Instead, I deploy the word “houseless.” As far as I am concerned, someone is only ‘home’-less to us if we do not treat them as though they are home. One of the reasons we all universally treasure Boise so much is due to the fact that it becomes Home to so many seeking a community-oriented, safe, and beautiful place to settle. All of that being said, Boise’s newly introduced initiatives to subtly strip the basic rights of the houseless population in the area are no longer going to go unnoticed. This new onslaught of attacks on the houseless is antithetical to Boise’s very own aura, its prized personality, its most attractive elemental facets, its most basic, boiled-down, appreciated characteristics. It is in this piece that I aim to explore the issue in a much different way than any politician, organization, and/or researcher has done thus far. Hopefully this nuanced and unique approach is able to offer some new clarity on the issue we face as a city in ostracizing certain human beings based on where they sleep at night.