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It’s hard to believe we’re in our second season of the show.  First of all, BJ and I would very much like to say thank you for listening.  Without you, we wouldn’t have a show!  Secondly I’d like to take a minute to tell you a little bit about how His & Hers came to be.

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Home field advantage can be a tricky part of wins and losses, as well as “Momentum” being against you or for you. These two factors actually played against the Trojans in last weeks lost to Boston College. The Trojans struggled on the road in a Hostile environment, where they were beat up physically and mentally while Boston College imposed there will, rushing for over 400 yards on a Trojans defense that only gave up 10 points to Stanford the week before. Now the loss is behind them and this week they look to bounce back against an undefeated Oregon State team, led by star studded Quarterback Sean Mannion. Look for the Trojans to get a big win saturday night to propel them to a 2-0 record in Pac-12 Conference play.  To read more go to “http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2204599-usc-vs-oregon-state-complete-game-preview


Possibly the best rock concert I will go to this year!!! :)

Vocalist Jonny Hawkins and Guitarist Mark Vollelunga
Vocalist Jonny Hawkins looking studly
Bassist Daniel Oliver doing backing vocals
Drummer Paul O’Brien working intensely \m/
Guitarist Mark Vollelunga
Here comes the best part of the show: bass solo!!!
Two-man bass solo?!?
Getting intricate!
Three-man bass solo!!!!!! OMG!!!!
Vocalist Jonny Hawkins
All the instrumentalists jamming together \m/
Guitarist Mark sings through his guitar
Jonny Hawkins taking vocal command
Jonny modulating his own voice

One of the best live concerts of the year, in my humble opinion!

Porter starts the show!
Epic logo in the background
Playin’ da synth
Epic light show
Surveying the landscape
Looking from up high
Obligatory camera shot from the crowd
“Sea of Voices” lyrics up on the screen while Porter plays
Porter’s on cloud nine
“Years of War” lyrics with anime characters!! :)
Blast of confetti showers into the audience

Opener Giraffage:

Nice PlayStation shirt, man
Feelin’ the beatz
Kittehz on screen :3

Mndsgn’s (pronounced mind design) new album ‘Yawn Zen’ has come at an appropriate time in my life. Caught between the material world of success and achievement and the spiritual world of living a life of purpose and meaning, I find myself in an odd place currently. In times like these I always seem to resort to Eastern philosophy for comfort.

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Bon jour all my friends from across the campus, city, state, and world it is absolutely fantastic to be writing to all of y’all again this semester. With my humble greeting out of the way, I am beyond stoked to inform y’all that is finally time for “Tooth and Bristle: A Reading Series”  to start back up. If any of you friends are unfamiliar with Tooth and Bristle it is a writing series put on by Boise State’s own MFA program that highlights the writing that they are doing and give everyone a very FREE chance to check out the work our university is producing.

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The Bronco Beat is a monthly article that will focus on Boise State Athletics

Fall is typically dominated here on campus by one sport, football.

The Boise State football team is 2-1 on the season but quick can you tell me how all our other teams are doing?

Football tends to overshadow all the other sports during the fall so its time to put football aside, at least for now, and focus on all the other sports programs we have going on right now.

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17 years ago we lost one of the most iconic rappers ever. Christopher Wallace, better known as The Notorious B.I.G or Biggie, was murdered in March of 1997 and left us a catalog of amazing music that is still amazing to this day. But his debut album, one of the finest rap albums ever, came out 20 years ago this month.